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Phoeth Wavinya is an adventurous girl who is a mom to a magnificent teenage girl and a handsome busy toddler and is blessed with a very supportive partner. She is in her mid-thirties and works as a customer service executive in one of the telecommunications companies in Kenya as she enjoys being of service to the people. She totally loves fashion, color and enjoys a lot of DIYs when it comes to beauty and hair care. She is into simple pleasures like discovering different cuisines, reading motivational books, listening and dancing to music, taking nature walks and observing people. Travelling especially excites her.

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About The Blog

More often than not we feel overwhelmed by the numerous responsibilities we handle on a daily basis that our well-being on a personal level takes the back seat and the little touch up that brings that feel good element is grossly ignored. As a result we end up looking older than expected and generally “beat” by life.

My goal is to encourage you to take some time out every day to experiment, look fantastic and feel amazing on a budget. You see, a lot of times looking good and stylish is associated with a certain “class” and assumed to be “expensive”. Well, that is not the case here. I invite you all to join me as we burst this myth. I believe this youthful platform will be a source of inspiration to everyone regardless of financial and social status or otherwise to embrace beauty and style in whichever form. It will be covering affordable fashion styles and tips, everyday beauty hacks and Do-it-Yourselves, life experiences and discoveries all aimed at balancing life and having fun while at it as simple as it may be.

 It is going the extra mile to feeling, owning and embracing it.

About Me

Phoeth Wavinya

Inspirational & Style Blogger

In my Dreams, I never age.

Phoeth Wavinya